It seems more and more like all of these college graduates majored in gaslighting. Not the once noble occupation from a long gone era of lighting gas lit street lamps so folks could find their way home in the dark

Rather, it’s that term that’s been coined after a 1944 film (starring Ingrid Bergman) that refers to psychological manipulation of others for greed, envy, lust and/or power.

Gaslighters seem to overpopulate our city halls, school boards, DMVs, statehouses, Washington, D.C., media, academia, corporate boardrooms and HR departments.

American life is starting to feel a lot more like that Leonard Cohen song, Everybody Knows.


🎶 Everybody knows that the boat is leaking

🎶 Everybody knows that the captain lied

🎶 Everybody got this broken feeling

🎶 Like their father or their dog just died …


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As Candace Owens said recently; "To survive the woke culture, you have to become a liar."

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26% is the new 20%. Add plaid flannel shirts, flip flops, unkept beards, and sleeve tattoos.

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"I weep for the future"

Maître D' in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

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Oh this is a good one!!! I love reading what you write and I just bought your book for my mom. You’re so dead on with this story!!

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